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About Us

Metaforlearning is an international learning community providing personalised learning programmes.


Who we are

What we do

Metaforlearning is a learning community committed to promoting young people's autonomy.

Metaforlearning: Beyond School

Metaforlearning isn't a traditional school. It's a community of practice, a group of people that share a passion and learn together through regular interaction. We follow the ethos of no imposed teaching, curriculum, allowing young people to take charge of their own learning and decisions.

As part of our reflective practice our mentors adapt the following framework to the needs of our community towards building key competences for LifeLong Learning:

Area for Personal development.





Area for Social Development:




Area for Metacognitive learning (learning how to learn):


Growth Mindset

Critical Thinking

Managing Learning


Metaforlearning CIC: Empowering Youth

We create safe learning spaces for young people to explore self-directed learning and democratic participation. They set their learning goals, pace, and voice in an equally valued community.


Our Aims and Goals:

  • to support autonomy.

  • to promote lifelong learning.

  • to promote metacognitive learning: Learn how to learn.

  • to promote multigenerational learning and mixed-age groups.

  • to promote non-coercive education.

  • to promote high levels of internal locus of control: Intrinsic motivation.

  • to promote students’ voice and agency.

  • to promote networking, mutual responsibility and collaboration.

  • to promote the role of adults as helpers.

  • to aim at generating ideas for a new reality as an expansion of the familiar limit of imagination. In other words, to avoid what is predictable.

How we do it

We use the word 'journey' as a metaphor to represent learning. To help students on mapping the content of what they learn, we differentiate between two types of learning:


  • Learning about life  (additive learning), which is mainly around adding new knowldege which prepares young people mostly for completing exam papers and more schooling. Decisions regarding learning are determined by a set curriculum. Learning is managed mostly by parents/teachers and on behalf of students.

  • Empowering Lifelong Learning: We foster confidence and empowerment in young people by connecting learning with real-life experiences. In our setting, students shape their own learning through meaningful conversations within a learning community. Learning is enriched through peer-to-peer interactions with international students. Young people take the lead in identifying their learning needs, setting goals, finding resources, implementing strategies, and assessing outcomes.


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